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225.KRITIKAL BLUES    2021-01-28
Beatriz Zaragozan Queens of Blues disku eta The Turtles entzun douz bi ordunzir.

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1. Everytime I think of you
2. Alley boogie
3. I ain't in the mood
4. Lawdy lawdy blues
5. Blues ain't nothing
6. Jump and shout
7. Don't you wear no black
8. Good man
9. Women be wise
monografiku - the turtles
10. Eve of Destruction
11. A Walk in the Sun
12. Let the Cold Winds Blow
13. House of Pain
14. Like a Rolling Stone
15. Happy Together
16. Just a Room
17. You Showed Me
18. The Battle of the Bands
19. Elenore
20. Come Over
21. She's My Girl
22. You Baby
23. It Ain't Me Babe


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